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Fogo De Chao in all White




Fogo De Chao in all White

Nikki Schuster

The Outfit

SHIRT: Roberta Furlanetto

SHOES: Stuart Weitzman - SIMILAR or SIMILAR

This shirt/dress is actually my mom's - lucky for me, she and I are similar sizes so I get double the wardrobe ;). She got this at Louis Boston. Unfortunately, the store is no longer open, which is a huge loss for Boston, but you can find the shirt by clicking the link above!! 

A little fun fact about Furlanetto: for those of you who love the classy, chic, girly look of Dior and Alaia - Furlanetto has created some handmade items for both brands in the past. In 2012, she started her own line.

The Restaurant

Fogo De Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse that opened in Boston about five years ago. It is located in Back Bay, inside of the Copley Mall.     

If you haven't been, I recommend trying it at least once. However, it's not exactly the type of place that could end up being your regular stomping grounds. See below for my breakdown of the evening from Parking to Booze. 

Parking: Unless you don't mind spending money on valet or the steep cost of the Copley garage, parking is a bit of a hassle. I personally love to walk. I bring my fold up flats everywhere and walk whenever possible. (See below for my favorite brand of flats and a few of this seasons best designs!)For those of you that are lazy, there's always uber. And for those of you that are lazy and cheap, there is always the train. Fogo De Chao is minutes from the green and orange lines, you can get right off at the Arlington stop (green line) and walk 9 minutes to the restaurant or you can take the orange line to Back Bay and you're only a two minute walk. Easy!   

My favorite fold up flats are Yosi Samra


The Decor: Truthfully, I was kind of disappointed by the decor, as I normally am with most steakhouses. This is by no means a sexy or cool environment that I would want to go to with the girls for a ladies night out. Nor is it a romantic or cozy date spot for me and the boy. 

The Food: I have to say the food is very fresh and the salad bar is filled with perfectly cooked and lightly seasons veggies and fresh fruit. The only problem is, you really shouldn't eat much because the next course will surprise you with its overwhelming portions.  

Let me preface this by telling you that I am a red meat fanatic; so much so that I recently had to come to terms with the fact that I have high cholesterol and need to limit the amount I eat. But everyone gets a cheat day right? And honestly, there is not better place to cheat than Fogo De Chao. Once you turn your table setting to "Go" the meat doesn't stop flowing in until you switch it back to "Stop". It is meat heaven. 

I recommend wearing shoes and jewelry that have a little give because you will swell up! The food is very salty and highly seasoned but truly delicious. Like I said, it is worth it, just come prepared! 

The Booze:  You have to try the Caipirinha!! It is the traditional Brazilian drink but it is not well advertised, so be sure to ask for it! It is made from Cachaça, fresh limes and cane sugar. Cachaça is a Brazilian white rum made from Cain sugar - so delicious! Sometimes they even do special flavors; We tried the passion fruit and the original. Although the passion fruit was delicious, I highly recommend the original as it is less sweet.

All in all, it's an experience you can't miss but I wouldn't recommend it as a new go-to.  

Try it and let me know your thoughts!  

Thanks for reading,