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Floral Crop Top




Floral Crop Top

Nikki Schuster

I leave Thursday for one of my best friend's Bachelorette party. I am hosting in Nantucket so I am heading down early to prepare the house for our lovely group of bridesmaids! Because I am leaving early and have lots of errands to run, I started packing last night. As I mentioned in "June 24th, 2016: Off the Shoulder" I have many packing hacks that I live by and one is packing in outfits! That being said, this outfit is definitely coming with! 

Stay tuned for more information about what we have planned and what I'll be wearing this weekend!

PS: I've copy/pasted the Packing Hacks below - stop over-packing and follow the hacks that I live by! Also feel free to comment with your packing hacks - the more the merrier! 


TOP: Nanette Lepore I got this at TJMaxx a year ago so it is obviously sold out but I have found adorable floral crops at Forever 21 click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE! Also click HERE and HERE for similar!

SHORTS: Theory from last year but check out HERE and HERE for similar and HERE for Theory shorts that are just adorable!

SHOES: Chloe I got these in college but they have the best shoes and some are even on sale! Check out HERE, HERE and HERE for similar Chloe wedges!!


 If you are like me and need to minimize the clutter, take a look below at some of my packing hacks:

PACK IN OUTFITS: This means coordinating an outfit for each day and a separate outfit for the night. 

PACK AN EXTRA OUTFIT: Packing in outfits can be hard if you do not know what your plans is, so prepare by bringing one extra day outfit and one extra night outfit. 

DOUBLE DUTY: It helps to bring an article of clothing that can work double duty and be worn casually during the day and then dressed up at night...this article is especially helpful for that "Extra Outfit". Examples:

WHITE PANTS: I always bring a pair of white pants because they are the best option for "Double Duty". You can wear them with a casual shirt for the daytime and then swap the casual shirt for a blouse or layer the casual shirt with a great blazer for the nighttime. 

BLAZER: I have a leather blazer with fringe that I wear pretty much all the time. It is another great option for "Double Duty". I can wear it over a casual day dress and add heals for the day-to-night look. Or I can throw it on over my jeans shorts and t-shirt, add open toed shoes and I'm ready for the bars!

SKIP THE WORKOUT CLOTHES: Let's be aren't going to workout...and if you really want to, go for a walk on the beach!

BUY MINI TOILETRY BOTTLES: I can't stress this enough. You should always have containers (clearly labeled) filled with your favorite products. This includes hairspray, deodorant, mini toothbrush/toothpaste, samples of your favorite make up, body lotion, face lotion, etc. This is great to have on-call because you never know when you need a little extra volume for your hair or blush when you are tired; but also, it's the perfect grab-and-go toiletries kit for quick weekend trips.  If you go to the travel section at CVS they actually have mini versions of most products for under $3 a pop!!

Lastly, trust that you look good and be confident in everything you put on because confidence is a building block for great style! 

If you have any other packing hacks, feel free to send them my way! Otherwise, I hope these help.

Happy travels!