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A Little Donkey and A Little Thigh

Nikki Schuster

For those of you who don’t know, the gold dome of the Massachusetts State House marks the center of Boston. I am lucky enough to live just behind it, which means, I am within a 45 minute walk from all of Boston’s best spots! I can get to Southie, Seaport, Fort Point, Cambridge, North End, Back Bay and South End all in under 45 minutes. 

For some, that is too far, but I always carry my Yosi Samra fold up flats with me so I can make the trek without ruining my shoes or hurting my feet. The flats are super comfortable AND they fit in almost any purse (assuming I don’t over-stuff it with makeup). Take a look below for some of my favorite Yosi's! 

For me, walking isn’t only good for your health, it is good for your brain. It allows you to think, without getting distracted by directions or the “masshole” in front of you. I love passing little shops and restaurants I’ve never heard of, and because I’m not driving, I can even jot down the name/address and add it to my list of places to explore.

That being said, with the wedding under a year away, by budget has been pretty tight! I want to continue trying new spots, so walking to and from the restaurants not only saves me money, it opens up my world of options. 

Recently I tried Little Donkey. The food was amazing!! Fair warning: it is Tapas, so if you are going with a big group, be prepared to spend a lot and run the risk of leaving hungry, especially if there are hungry guys in your group. However, as a small girl, I was over-satiated. In fact, it was hard to stop - each item was better than the next! I had to remind myself that I didn’t need to order every item on the menu and I could always come back. Take a look below for some of my favorite items on the menu!


  • Parker House Rolls: Yellow chives and Chinese Sausage
  • Black Pepper Popovers: Wagyu steak tartare
  • Pickle Brine Fried Chicken Sandwich: Green papaya slaw, jalapeno, avocado ranch (Beware: this is packed with flavor. If you order this, you may not have a lot of room for all the other options)
  • And of course, you have to get the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because it’s the only place you can eat cookie dough in public instead of sneaking spoonful’s from the couch.

PS: if you are a guy, check out the artwork in the bathroom. And don’t be a fun-hog, snap a pic and let the ladies of the evening enjoy a little potty humor


DRESS: Unfortunately, I got it years ago. It is a Theyskens Theory dress from Shopbop, however, click HERE and HERE for similar!

SHOES: Stuart Weitzman also click HERE for the same boot but with a small heel

BAG: The bag is consistently on repeat and as I've mentioned in the past, it is from Imports of Marrakesh, an adorable store in Chelsea Market. However, click HERE for one the most adorable yarn bags I've ever seen and HERE for a stunning multicolored fur clutch!! Clearly I have a statement clutch obsession...

Also click the links below for direct access to the outfit and similar items!

Planning a Bachelorette Party: The Nantucket Edition

Nikki Schuster

With a 5 day countdown to one of my best friend's weddings, I thought it only seemed fit to write about her bachelorette party! For many, the thought of planning a bachelorette weekend sounds daunting, but the key to a successful weekend is an early start! So if you have any bachelorette parties looming in your future, don't let a fun time turn into a stressful scenario. Take a look below for some tips and suggestions I came up with after hosting a bachelorette party at my Nantucket house!!


Start Early

I cannot stress this enough. The earlier you can convince the bridesmaids and bride to pick a location, the earlier you can get started with the planning. Given the fact that most people aren't FUNemployed, this helps immensely when trying to juggle your job with coordinating the gals. Starting early also means you have more options and availability for the activities you are interested in 


I highly recommend using this! Splitwise is a mobile app (also available on your desktop) that allows you to keep track of all costs incurred by each person. At the end, it calculates what is owed and then allows you to pay back your friends instantly with PayPal and Venmo, all within the app! This app was a savior! It ensured that everyone paid an equal amount at the end of the weekend and it saved us from having to convince restaurants to split the meals 10 ways.

Pre-Order & Ship Booze

I pre-ordered 30 bottles of wine: 10 bottles of prosecco, 10 bottles of white wine and 10 bottles of rose and had them all shipped to my house. This saved us from having to lug 30 bottles to the house ourselves, but it also allowed us to save money. When you buy by the case it is cheaper than buying the individual bottle. 

Become a Coupon Clipper

One of the most expensive parts of any group trip is usually the food. So why not get what you need from the grocery store and cook at home? Not only is it cheaper, but all that alcohol you just had shipped to the house makes for a cheap night of eating and pregaming! At a restaurant, one glass of wine can cost $10, but buying by the case can get you a good bottle for $10-$15!! That being said, a few weeks prior to the party, I sent out a schedule of meals to be eaten at home and made a tentative menu and grocery list. This gave the girls a few weeks to make edits. After all the edits were in, I went online and signed up for a Stop & Shop card. I then sifted through the sales and added as many coupons to my card as I could. If there is a local supermarket that delivers, I suggest ordering online and having it shipped the day you arrive. The Stop & Shop in Nantucket doesn't have Peapod, so I went shopping with a friend early in the morning before anyone else arrived. We ended up saving $60 with the coupons and the cost of 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and a dinner only ended up being $50 per person!


Grey Lady (Booked on OpenTable)

OpenTable is the best! You get 100 points for each reservation and eventually, those points can be converted to cash...for more dinners! I booked dinner at the Grey Lady because it is a fun spot with great food! Ask for the outdoor table on the second floor - it is only one table on the patio, it is big enough for a party of 12 and it is perfect for a boisterous group because there are no other tables! The Grey Lady is also right next door to the Chicken Box so it makes for a seamless transition from dinner to dancing without paying for a cab or having to wait in line...which for the Chicken Box is quite the accomplishment. 

Website: The Grey Lady  | Address: 2 Chins Way, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.901.9858

Chicken Box

If you have never been to Nantucket, the Chicken Box is a must try. It requires enough drinks to dismiss the sloppy youngsters that flock the box, but once liquored up the Chicken Box can make you feel young again. With live music and a dive bar atmosphere, you might wake up thinking you are late for class. 

Website: The Chicken Box | Address: 16 Dave Street, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.228.9717

Booze Cruise

We booked through Shearwater Excursions and we got a 26 foot boat called Minke that had a bench around the perimeter and spot in the middle for wine, cheese and music! It was a classic crosby launch and it was perfect for our group. We had 11 girls and there was room for more. They allowed us to bring our own booze, food and music (I recommend bringing a portable bluetooth speaker) and we just sailed around and partied for an hour and a half. It was such a great, easy and affordable activity!

In fact, prior to the bachelorette, I rented another boat through Endeavor Sailing, called The Endeavor, with a different group of friends as a test run. The boat was too small for our group of 11 but it was a beautiful option for smaller groups! The Endeavor was also a sailboat, which visually is more appealing than a Crosby Launch. 

Website: Shearwater Excursions | Address: Slip 1011 Straight Wharf, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.228.7037  

Website: Endeavor Sailing  | Address: Slip 1015 Straight Wharf, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.228.5585

Cisco Brewery Wine Tasting

The brewery is always a good time but I had never done a wine tasting! The wine tasting tables are tucked away next to the wine hut but hidden behind trees. It feels like a secret oasis and it is very casual! If you are looking for a high class wine tasting, this is not the place. However, if you are looking for a fun, easy going host who will mingle and hang like one of the crew, Michael is the best!! He told us the history of the winery and the history of each wine. And after you enjoy the wine tasting, the live music, food and fun of the brewery await you!

Website: Cisco Brewery | Address: 5 Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.325.5929

Cisco Bewery


Photo from: 

Photo from: 



A Gazebo mudslide should never be missed, even if it means grabbing one on the way to the ferry!

A Gazebo mudslide should never be missed, even if it means grabbing one on the way to the ferry!


Shirt: Jonathan Simkhai (Click HERE for the Equipment off-the-shoulder shirt from above)| Shoes: Forever 21 (SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR) | PANTS: Paige

I said Yes!!!

Nikki Schuster

Two weeks ago, my best friend and now fiancé, took me on a journey I will never forget.

In fact, to ensure I did not forget, he had photographer, Barbara Clarke, join us for every step of the way. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she felt like family and she helped make this an unforgettable start to the rest of our lives.

The story begins with a wager we had at work. Keegan and I have been dating for 12 years (on and off), so it is no surprise that my colleagues were ready to place bets on when the engagement would happen. I wouldn’t have been able to offer any clues if it weren’t for my mother’s newfound interest in my manicure schedule.

That being said, the week of June 6th, I was nervously preparing for a family trip to Nantucket; I was concerned that if it did happen, I would obviously need the perfect outfit!

However, Keegan threw me off his trail by picking a big fight with me in front of our family friends. Frustrated and confused by Keegan’s strange behavior, I prepared for a family dinner on Saturday night. We were going to the Galley, which has the most stunning sunsets so I was still angry with Keegan but also excited to get great blog photos!!


On the way to “dinner” my Mom reminded my Dad that we had to make a pit-stop at the airport because something had been delivered for him. Not unusual for my family to do strange things at strange times…

When we got the airport, my Dad and Keegan went to retrieve the package. While they were inside, my Mom showed me her phone and said, “did you see that picture Keegan sent us?”. Confused, I took her phone only to find a picture of The Lady and the Tramp with the words, "This chapter starts with a trip back to where our story began…” written across the photo. Growing up, The Lady and the Tramp was our favorite movie and Keegan used to call me "Lady".


 It took me three tries to finally understand that what I had been waiting for since I was 15 was about to happen. I started crying and asked “Am I supposed to get out of the car?” My brother laughed, and yelled, “Yes, get out of the f***ing car!!” I met Keegan at the entrance to the airport where he was holding out his hand. He took my hand in his and guided me to the airplane.

Once we got up into the air he handed me a note that said "Whiskey Girl", which was our childhood song. With tears streaming down my face, he pulled out a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels and said “Cheers to our next journey together”.

We landed in Martha’s Vineyard and were met by a car service which took us off the beaten path and through winding dirt roads. As we drove, I became more and more confused. Our “Journey” did not begin in Martha’s Vineyard.

For those of you who don't know us, our story began at a party in our friend's basement. I was in private school and my best friend went to the public school in our town. She had taken me out to one of her parties...with older boys. At 15, I was both excited and terrified. 

We had been there since 8 and we were quickly approaching my midnight curfew when in walked Keegan. Apparently I have no poker face because my friend looked directly at me, pointed to the bathroom and said, "I have to go to the bathroom, don't you have to go too?" With that, her eyes widened with urgency. Our telepathy was on point, she didn't need to be dramatic, but I begrudgingly followed her to the bathroom anyway. 

Once we made it to the bathroom she grabbed my arms and said, "I saw the way you looked at him. As your best friend, I have to protect you. He only goes for older, blonde hair, blue eyed, athletic girls. He doesn't even talk to the younger girls!" I had one out of four of those qualities, so I had a chance, right!?

Being shy and awkward, my disillusions of my chances didn't help me when I finally "confronted him" In fact, I walked right up to him and just stood there until he spoke to me. I am sure he was confused and I do not know why he engaged me in conversation, but he asked if I wanted a beer.

That broke the ice and we got to talking until my phone rang. It was my babysitter. She had called to tell me my curfew had come and gone and I needed to get home, now. This was a tough situation for me considering my babysitter was my Spanish teacher, but I negotiated anyway. 

At 15, my version of negotiation was really just honesty and unsupported declarations. I told her I met a guy and he could be the one so she had to give one more hour.

Thank you Mrs. Bartone for that extra hour! After I finished my negotiations, Keegan asked for my number, which I wrote down his arm (don't ask me why) and then took me and my friend home, just in time for our newly appointed 1:00 curfew.

Now that you know that story, you can understand why driving around Martha's Vineyard's dirt roads, didn't spark me as "the beginning" but I went along with it anyway. After driving for what felt like 20 minutes, we pulled up to a gate that said "Private Property, No Trespassing". Keegan turned to me and said “this is where we get out". I diligently got out and we walked down a dirt path to a pier, at the end of the pier he said, “Take off your shoes”. Again, I diligently took off my shoes and followed him down the beach.

We walked along the beach until we reached another pier. When we made it to the edge of the pier he said “do you know where we are?” I had absolutely NO idea!!!!  

As I stared at him, bewildered, he said, “12 years ago, we had only been dating for a month but your parents invited me to Martha’s Vineyard with them. That Saturday, we all went to the beach, but you and I separated for a bit to go for a walk. In fact, we walked to the edge of this very pier. Do you remember what we did?” Embarrassed and excited, I said “no” again!!

Keegan laughed and reminded me, “we carved our names onto the pier”.... all of a sudden I remembered the whole thing, how I felt, how knots filled my stomach, how sweaty I was just having him next to me, how nervous I was to have this gorgeous, older guy on a trip with me and of course, how perfect it felt. How could someone I just met, at fifteen, feel SO right??

Tears started STREAMING down my face and my stomach cramped up the same way it used to when I was fifteen and I would see his name on my caller ID, or when his Jeep Cherokee would pull into my parents drive way, or when I would catch his gaze from across the room at a party. 

Out of the tear-filled blur, I saw him get down on one knee and he said “Since we were here 12 years ago, the weather has washed away our names. Now, 12 years later, I want to start the next chapter of our lives with something more permanent…will you marry me?”

Of course I said YES and then we got back in the car, popped the champagne and flew home to Nantucket where my family met us on the runway to celebrate.

If you know me, you know I have spent my entire life picturing and planning my future. Stupidly, and to my own dismay, I have expected and planned every moment to mimic my favorite RomComs – because who wouldn’t want the Notebook love affair?? But I was always disappointed when life didn't happen like Nicholas Sparks wrote it. However, this engagement was better than I could have planned or Rachel McAdams could have starred in!

Because Barbara Clarke did such an incredible job and because I can’t choose, I’ve added photos from the engagement below!



Nerd Pants

Nikki Schuster

Yesterday was Summer Solstice, which means days are only going to get shorter. So enjoy the daylight and warm nights before its too late! This time of year the Seaport district of Boston is beautiful but the bars are always packed which means lines are inevitable. Boston's roof tops are minimal, so I recommend expanding your search to include any outdoor patios, water views preferable. Check out below for recommended rooftops and outdoor spaces!


SHIRT: KENDALL + KYLIE - I am loving their stuff and it goes on sale quickly ;) This top is already on sale for $68.60!

SHOES: Stuart Weitzman - clearly these have been on repeat for the past 7 years. The wedges are peeling and are in desperate need of the shoe doctor but I can't keep them off for long enough! I have linked a few similar HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

PANTS: TIBI - I have linked a few stores that are carrying them including a pair that are on sale for $118!! Usually, stuff like this looks good on everyone but me. However, these pants hit high enough that they make every belly look good - No one wants to show the handles, just the top two abs ;) Click HERE and HERE for the nerd pants 

I also linked an adorable over the shoulder dress by KENDALL + KYLIE because its a must!



The Envoy Hotel | 70 Sleeper Street, Boston MA 02210 | 617.338.3030 |

Outlook Kitchen and Bar is the restaurant with city views and Lookout is the rooftop bar! I haven't been yet but I have heard great things! They do not take reservations so the hostess recommends arriving right at 4 when they open. I will be in Nantucket the next few weeks but as soon as a I make it to the Envoy rooftop, I will be sure to give you the low down!

The Rooftop at the Revere Hotel | 200 Stuart Street, Boston MA 02116| 617.482.1800 |

This spot used to be packed every day, but with the Seaport in full action, it has quieted down. If you are looking for great drinks, great food and minimal crowds this place is perfect! Also great for a big group of people to celebrate a birthday, engagement or just the start of summer!

Legal Harborside | 270 Northern Avenue, Boston MA 02210 | 617.477.2900 |

I love Legal Harborside. The food is amazing and the set up is perfect! There are two outdoor areas on either side of a full-glass, covered, bar area. I highly recommend this! Again, the line gets long and arriving early is a must. However, if you are too impatient to wait in line, the first floor also have great food and great views with outdoor seating and open air areas. This place is a MUST!

Whiskey Priest | 150 Northern Avenue, Boston MA 02210 | 617.426.8111 |

The crowd can get rowdy and the sun is directly overhead but it is a causal classic. Again, the lines get long so get there early.

Atlantic Beer Garden | 146 Northern Avenue, Boston MA 02210 | 617.357.8000 |

Same thing for Whiskey Priest goes for here. If you don't get to these places early, you won't get in. If you take forever to get ready (like me) and are stuck in Seaport lines I recommend assigning a designated spot-holder to hold the groups spot in line while the rest pop over to the Lawn on D for some beers and Cornhole! But be nice and don't forget to rotate line-holders!

Baseball Tavern | 1270 Boylston Street, Boston MA 02215 | 617.867.6526 |

This is always a great causal spot, especially after work because the sunsets are spectacular. However, there is only one bathroom on the roof-deck and people will fight for it!

Jerry Remy's  (Now Tony C's)| 1265 Boylston St, Boston MA 02215 | 617.236.7369 | 

Again, this is the perfect casual spot for a week-night drink or a non-game night. If you head in during the Sox game you are bound to wait in line.

Pier 6 | 1 8th Street, Charlestown, MA 02129 | 617.337.0054 |

Pier 6 is on the pricier side but the views are worth it! Looking to stay cost effective? Eat first and join the gals for drinks only!

The Sinclair | 52 Church Street, Cambridge, MA 02138 | 617.547.5200 | 

If you are looking to get away from the hubbub of the Seaport/Downtown Boston, the Sinclair is an awesome rooftop in Cambridge. Better yet - they also do live music!!


Mare | 3 Mechanic Street, Boston, MA 02113 | 617.723.6273 |

If you love fresh seafood and good views, you can't miss Mare. With fire pits for cold nights and indoor/outdoor bar for warm, rainy nights, you can't go wrong. But make a reservation! It is small and it fills up fast!

Aragosta Bar + Bistro | 3 Battery Warf, Boston MA 02109 | 617.994.9001 | 

This spot is also in the North End so if you can't get a reservation at Mare, head over to Aragosta. It is only a 10 minute walk and the views of the water are incredible!!

Scampo | 215 Charles Street, Boston MA 02114 | 617.536.2100 |

I am not a big Italian food lover, but Scampo is the best food in Boston. It is always consistent and super close to me :) They have a patio that opens in the summer...the views are nonexistent, but it is a cozy spot on a warm, cloudy night.

My goal is to explore more hole-in-the-wall restaurants so if you have any suggestions, send them my way! 




Wedding Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland (Part 2)

Nikki Schuster

The other weekend we went to a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple in Ocean City, Maryland. If you are interested in making a trip to Ocean City, you must try the Crab Bag!

The Crab Bag

Saturday morning we woke up pretty sluggish from the night before - Seacrets got the best of us! We prioritized our day wisely: we started with coffee and bagels and then made our way to the Crab Bag - because what better to do for a hangover than eat it away!?

The Crab Bag is an indoor/outdoor restaurant with all you can eat blue crabs, the Maryland state crustacean. Each person we went with got the "Super Feast" with all you can eat hot steamed crabs, baby back ribs, Crab Bag's famous wings and steamed spiced shrimp. The "all-you-can-eat" part got the best of me. I also ordered the oysters because why not?

The oysters were not good...but the crab and shrimp were amazing! Keegan introduced me to the Maryland born "old bay seasoning" which I immediately fell in love with and poured over my endless bowl of shrimp. It was great in the moment but the next day I was so bloated from the sodium that couldn't get my rings off! So if you choose to dabble in the "Old Bay", dabble wisely!

The Wedding

The Outfit:

DRESS: Charley 5.0 - I bought this years ago on Shopbop but you can find similar HERE for only $87 or HERE 

SHOES: Gianvito Rossi clearly these shoes have been on repeat. They are the perfect buy because they are the perfect day-to-night shoe. Not only do they pair well with everything, they are extremely comfortable! I understand they run a bit pricey, but they will last you forever. If you are looking for similar but more affordable, click HERE for Manolo Blahniks on sale! or HERE for similar that are only $78! or HERE for similar that are only $96!

CLUTCH: Chanel - My nana gave my this clutch (I am lucky to have a nana with such great taste!) Click HERE for similar or HERE for an adorable Marni clutch on sale for only $198 or HERE for a Clare V. with a pop of color (I am loving Clare V.)

The Wedding:

The wedding was held outdoors at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club and Marina, overlooking the Isle of Wight Bay. The forecast called for rain all week, but they made it through the ceremony without a hitch. As soon as we got inside for the reception, the sky opened up and it began to torrential downpour. It all worked out perfectly and we had a blast! 

Wedding Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland (Part 1)

Nikki Schuster

Friday Night

Thinking about getting away for a few days but don't know where to go? Last weekend we went to Ocean City, Maryland for a friend's wedding and had a blast!  Having gone to University of Delaware, Keegan and a lot of our friends knew the area well. For me, it was an excuse to explore Ocean City for the first time!


DRESSForever 21

SHOESStuart Weitzman from years ago. See HERE for similar and HERE for denim wedges I love!

NECKLACEForever 21There are so many great statement necklaces at Forever 21 right now! It is the perfect place to get a trendy necklace, because the prices are so affordable! Check out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for similar! Each one is under $20!!



Friday night we went to the Ropewalk to start the evening off with some drinks and appetizers. I had the award-winning Ropewalk Hickory Smoked Victory Wings and a Skinny Grapefruit Crush. The Crush, a Maryland tradition, got me all excited for skinny summer drink ideas (stay tuned for a blog post about those)! The original recipe is fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, triple sec (or sprite), crushed ice and pinnacle grapefruit vodka. Of course, I had to make things difficult and swap out the triple sec for soda water and the vodka for tequila (its a much better hangover). I loved it!

I wish we could have gone during the day because The Ropewalk boasts an expansive sand-covered, out-door area with corn hole and other activities. They also have seating on a porch overlooking the water and live music! Check out their website for more information - The Ropewalk Ocean City


After the Ropewalk, we took taxi's to Seacrets, a giant venue with several stages, bars and activities. Fair Warning: Seacrets can get pretty rowdy, so I don't recommend going unless you are dedicated to the debauchery that will ensue.

Seacrets could be your one-stop-shop for day and night drinking, or you can head over late night to finish off the evening. Either way, you have many options to choose from including the Beach Stage/Bar, the Pier Stage/Bar, the Tiki Stage/Bar or the Nite Club. Each location is just how you would imagine. The Beach is a sandy mess of live bands and shoe-less bars. The Pier is dedicated to all things water, with swim-up tables/chairs, lazy river floats and ankle deep dance parties. The Tiki Area is more of an indoor/outdoor spot with protection over your head for a rainy day or when you've endured too much sun. However, the ground is still sandy and the walls are all open. The Nite stage is a little bit of Miami Beach meets Atlantic City...enough said.  

All in all, I think Seacrets is a must-stop for the experience and the people watching - there is never a dull moment! See below for more links to the outfit I wore and a photo from the Tiki Stage at Seacrets!

Be on the lookout for my next blog post where I will talk about what we did the day of the wedding, the wedding itself and what I wore!

Rainy Nights and Seoul Food

Nikki Schuster


Looking for a weeknight spot to grab a quick drink and some food? Seoul Restaurant, located at 156 Cambridge Street in Beacon Hill, is a great spot for a last minute dinner date.  The casual atmosphere makes it feel like dining at home, without the cooking or the clean up! 

With all the rain that has been consistently falling on Boston, we couldn't eat at home another night: so we decided to make the trek down the hill to Seoul. We arrived, freezing and wet, so we quickly ordered two glasses of Cabernet, the Ramen with Beef and Dumplings and the Spicy Tofu and Seafood Stew to warm us up.

The food is always consistent and good. It would not be my first recommendation to a first timer in Boston, but it is always a quick and easy option in the neighborhood!

The summers, however, are another story! The restaurant is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows along Cambridge Street that are opened to let in the warm summer air.  The fresh air, plus the Saki-Bombs, makes Seoul a must-stop before a night out in the summer. 

Next time we go, I'd like to try the Korean BBQ combinations...If you get to it first, let me know how it is!


SHOES: J. Crew from years ago, click the images or links below for similar. P.S. They are made of rubber and waterproof! I love these as a more feminine alternative to rain-boots :) <<SIMILAR: Tory Burch, SIMILAR: Missoni, SIMILAR: Marc Jacobs, SIMILAR: Hunter>>

JEANS: Hudson. <<SIMILAR: Hudson, SIMILAR, SIMILAR: J Brand>>

SWEATER: Hand me down from my mom and the tags are missing. But click below or the links for similar! <<SIMILAR (and my favorite!): Michael Kors, SIMILAR: Rag& & Bone, SIMILAR: Splendid, SIMILAR: RAEY - with lace sleeves!>>

NECKLACE: I just got this from FOREVER 21 - only $10!! <<SIMILAR: Forever 21, SIMILAR: Forever 21>>

Leather & Layers

Nikki Schuster

Looking for great date night plans in Boston?

Check out the details below for my reviews of our latest date night adventures: some food at Scampo, some fun at the Celtic's game and some night-caps at Tip Tap Room!


DRESS: Nadia Tarr from Intermix. I got this a few months back, click here for SIMILAR , SIMILAR

Jacket: Helmut Lang now 85% off! (Runs small, I would suggest getting one size up.)

Sneakers: Ked's


Scampo is one of my favorite spots. The food is consistently good and the atmosphere is great whether you are out with the girls or just looking for a romantic date night spot.

 Either way, Scampo's centrally located bar is a great place to start the night with some good food and drinks. Then you can make your way into the main lobby, which fills up by around 10:00. Once the night wears on, Alibi is located across the hall from Scampo and is a cool, dark, dungeon lounge. During the winter its great because it feels cozy and warm. During the summer, they open up the porch and the fresh air floods through the bar. On Wednesday's during the summer they also do Yappy Hour. I have still never been so stay tuned for a post on that one!

We both ordered the Spicy Tangerine - Don Julio, spices and tangerine juice. Not only was it amazing, but even Keegan was tipsy after one drink - a whole lot of bang for your buck! I got the fried calamari to start and then the Pink Swordfish 'Picata' & Broiled Royale. The fried calamari was good, but nothing to write home about. The Swordfish, however, was amazing. The grilled swordfish sat on a plate of pasta with green olives. A must try!


After Scampo, we went to the Celtics game. It was only a 10 minute walk to The Garden so we were able to enjoy our meal longer. Once we got to the game, they were serving Don Julio margaritas which I had never seen before. I would not recommend as they were pre-mixed drinks on tap so they couldn't control the amount of drink mix that went into the margaritas :( It was very sweet and tasted like fake sugar. Either way, Don Julio is Don Julio and Keegan and I had a blast!


I love the Tip Tap room. It is another local favorite of mine. The food is consistently good and well priced and the beer/cider selection is great.

Thanks for reading!

Fogo De Chao in all White

Nikki Schuster

The Outfit

SHIRT: Roberta Furlanetto

SHOES: Stuart Weitzman - SIMILAR or SIMILAR

This shirt/dress is actually my mom's - lucky for me, she and I are similar sizes so I get double the wardrobe ;). She got this at Louis Boston. Unfortunately, the store is no longer open, which is a huge loss for Boston, but you can find the shirt by clicking the link above!! 

A little fun fact about Furlanetto: for those of you who love the classy, chic, girly look of Dior and Alaia - Furlanetto has created some handmade items for both brands in the past. In 2012, she started her own line.

The Restaurant

Fogo De Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse that opened in Boston about five years ago. It is located in Back Bay, inside of the Copley Mall.     

If you haven't been, I recommend trying it at least once. However, it's not exactly the type of place that could end up being your regular stomping grounds. See below for my breakdown of the evening from Parking to Booze. 

Parking: Unless you don't mind spending money on valet or the steep cost of the Copley garage, parking is a bit of a hassle. I personally love to walk. I bring my fold up flats everywhere and walk whenever possible. (See below for my favorite brand of flats and a few of this seasons best designs!)For those of you that are lazy, there's always uber. And for those of you that are lazy and cheap, there is always the train. Fogo De Chao is minutes from the green and orange lines, you can get right off at the Arlington stop (green line) and walk 9 minutes to the restaurant or you can take the orange line to Back Bay and you're only a two minute walk. Easy!   

My favorite fold up flats are Yosi Samra


The Decor: Truthfully, I was kind of disappointed by the decor, as I normally am with most steakhouses. This is by no means a sexy or cool environment that I would want to go to with the girls for a ladies night out. Nor is it a romantic or cozy date spot for me and the boy. 

The Food: I have to say the food is very fresh and the salad bar is filled with perfectly cooked and lightly seasons veggies and fresh fruit. The only problem is, you really shouldn't eat much because the next course will surprise you with its overwhelming portions.  

Let me preface this by telling you that I am a red meat fanatic; so much so that I recently had to come to terms with the fact that I have high cholesterol and need to limit the amount I eat. But everyone gets a cheat day right? And honestly, there is not better place to cheat than Fogo De Chao. Once you turn your table setting to "Go" the meat doesn't stop flowing in until you switch it back to "Stop". It is meat heaven. 

I recommend wearing shoes and jewelry that have a little give because you will swell up! The food is very salty and highly seasoned but truly delicious. Like I said, it is worth it, just come prepared! 

The Booze:  You have to try the Caipirinha!! It is the traditional Brazilian drink but it is not well advertised, so be sure to ask for it! It is made from Cachaça, fresh limes and cane sugar. Cachaça is a Brazilian white rum made from Cain sugar - so delicious! Sometimes they even do special flavors; We tried the passion fruit and the original. Although the passion fruit was delicious, I highly recommend the original as it is less sweet.

All in all, it's an experience you can't miss but I wouldn't recommend it as a new go-to.  

Try it and let me know your thoughts!  

Thanks for reading, 

Frost Ice Loft

Nikki Schuster


SKIRT: ALC (SIMILAR :Nasty Gal; SIMILAR : SheIn, SIMILAR: Alice & Olivia); 

SCARF: Burberry Scarf; BOOTSStuart Weitzman.

A few months ago me and a few girlfriends finally tried the new Frost Ice Loft located in Faneuil Hall in Boston. (Website:; Address: 200 State Street, Boston MA). Our hesitancy had nothing to do with the bar itself, but more to do with the college students that flood Boston's outdoor mall. 

I am re-posting this because they were recently shut down for renovations and have renovated their Ice Lounge, which re-opened March 23rd. Now might be a good time to check it out if you haven't already!

The last time I went to an Ice Bar, I was in London studying abroad: they tend to be touristy locations. However, as you know, my mission is to explore Boston as if it was a foreign country; that means trying everything at least once and walking everywhere because that is the best way to find the best hole-in-the-wall spots. 

I thought that it was a fun random activity for a otherwise monotonous weekend night. We found tickets for $12 on, which I would not recommend. After visiting the Ice Loft, I was perusing for my next activity and found great discounts on other websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. (These are two of my three favorite sites to find fun, cheap things to do: the other is GoldStar.) 

If you know you have a group in mind to go with, I recommend booking a group: a private setting is always nice and of course, there are the added benefits of discounts and possible local partner packages (Click here to check out the Groups page on their website).

Some things to know if you plan on going:

  • This Ice Bar is not like others you might have been to: they offer capes instead of full jackets. Therefore, my ALC skirt and Stuart Weitzman boot combo just weren't enough....I would recommend pants, winter boots, cute sweater and a scarf. 
  • Bring your own gloves because the ones they give you are cumbersome and make it hard to hold your drink ;)
  • Speaking of drinks, its not worth the extra $$ for the glass mugs. Stick to the regular glasses and you will have just as much fun!

If you end up going, I hope you enjoy!