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Life Hacks for Summer




Life Hacks for Summer

Nikki Schuster


DRESS: H&M - this specific dress is sold out online but may still be in stores since I only got it 2 weeks ago at the H&M in downtown crossing. However, click HERE for similar from H&M that is only $19.99!! Also click HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for similar. Also click HERE for a fun, flowy and totally fashionable option if you are looking for a spin on your classic denim dress!

SNEAKERS: H&M I also got these at H&M and they are still available online for only $24.99!! These have been on repeat since I picked them up two weeks ago! I love the lace detail! Also click HERE for similar from H&M for only $14.99!!

GLASS: NINA RICCI - I got these at Neiman's Last Call but click HERE and HERE for similar from Nina Ricci!


Summer is almost here and that means greasy sunscreen pimples and sweaty armpits! Check out my "Summer Hacks" below to find out how to prevent pimples and summer sweat!


I don't know about you, but all sunscreens leave me greasy and pimple prone... either that or maybe it's just that time of the month. Either way, I have the best pimple hack. Get up, go to CVS or your local drug store and pick up some rubbing alcohol. I recommend the 90%. Use a Q-Tip and dab it on 4 times a day, over your make up, sunscreen, moisturizer, whatever!! I promise you that stubborn pimple will disappear...even the under-grounders!! 


Summer time means little white dresses, white pants, pastels, fun colors and sweaty armpits. Nothing ruins a good outfit like a little stinky pit. The only way to cure a little B.O. (Body Odor)is with a little D.O. (Deodorant) and a little antibacterial soap.

Your sweat alone does not actually smell, in fact, it is mostly just salt and water. Instead the smell is caused by the sweat interacting with the bacteria found on your skin. Therefore, the best way to get rid of the smell, is to get rid of the bacteria and wash with antibacterial soap!

My two favorites are Softsoap because they have great fragrances and Hibiclens. The Hibiclens is my favorite. I feel like it gets more than the Softsoap, but it has no scent. If you really have an issue, I recommend Hibiclens and then Softsoap.

If you struggle with pimples or stinky armpits, I hope these little hacks help! Feel free to write in and let me know how they work for you!