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Planning a Bachelorette Party: The Nantucket Edition




Planning a Bachelorette Party: The Nantucket Edition

Nikki Schuster

With a 5 day countdown to one of my best friend's weddings, I thought it only seemed fit to write about her bachelorette party! For many, the thought of planning a bachelorette weekend sounds daunting, but the key to a successful weekend is an early start! So if you have any bachelorette parties looming in your future, don't let a fun time turn into a stressful scenario. Take a look below for some tips and suggestions I came up with after hosting a bachelorette party at my Nantucket house!!


Start Early

I cannot stress this enough. The earlier you can convince the bridesmaids and bride to pick a location, the earlier you can get started with the planning. Given the fact that most people aren't FUNemployed, this helps immensely when trying to juggle your job with coordinating the gals. Starting early also means you have more options and availability for the activities you are interested in 


I highly recommend using this! Splitwise is a mobile app (also available on your desktop) that allows you to keep track of all costs incurred by each person. At the end, it calculates what is owed and then allows you to pay back your friends instantly with PayPal and Venmo, all within the app! This app was a savior! It ensured that everyone paid an equal amount at the end of the weekend and it saved us from having to convince restaurants to split the meals 10 ways.

Pre-Order & Ship Booze

I pre-ordered 30 bottles of wine: 10 bottles of prosecco, 10 bottles of white wine and 10 bottles of rose and had them all shipped to my house. This saved us from having to lug 30 bottles to the house ourselves, but it also allowed us to save money. When you buy by the case it is cheaper than buying the individual bottle. 

Become a Coupon Clipper

One of the most expensive parts of any group trip is usually the food. So why not get what you need from the grocery store and cook at home? Not only is it cheaper, but all that alcohol you just had shipped to the house makes for a cheap night of eating and pregaming! At a restaurant, one glass of wine can cost $10, but buying by the case can get you a good bottle for $10-$15!! That being said, a few weeks prior to the party, I sent out a schedule of meals to be eaten at home and made a tentative menu and grocery list. This gave the girls a few weeks to make edits. After all the edits were in, I went online and signed up for a Stop & Shop card. I then sifted through the sales and added as many coupons to my card as I could. If there is a local supermarket that delivers, I suggest ordering online and having it shipped the day you arrive. The Stop & Shop in Nantucket doesn't have Peapod, so I went shopping with a friend early in the morning before anyone else arrived. We ended up saving $60 with the coupons and the cost of 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and a dinner only ended up being $50 per person!


Grey Lady (Booked on OpenTable)

OpenTable is the best! You get 100 points for each reservation and eventually, those points can be converted to cash...for more dinners! I booked dinner at the Grey Lady because it is a fun spot with great food! Ask for the outdoor table on the second floor - it is only one table on the patio, it is big enough for a party of 12 and it is perfect for a boisterous group because there are no other tables! The Grey Lady is also right next door to the Chicken Box so it makes for a seamless transition from dinner to dancing without paying for a cab or having to wait in line...which for the Chicken Box is quite the accomplishment. 

Website: The Grey Lady  | Address: 2 Chins Way, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.901.9858

Chicken Box

If you have never been to Nantucket, the Chicken Box is a must try. It requires enough drinks to dismiss the sloppy youngsters that flock the box, but once liquored up the Chicken Box can make you feel young again. With live music and a dive bar atmosphere, you might wake up thinking you are late for class. 

Website: The Chicken Box | Address: 16 Dave Street, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.228.9717

Booze Cruise

We booked through Shearwater Excursions and we got a 26 foot boat called Minke that had a bench around the perimeter and spot in the middle for wine, cheese and music! It was a classic crosby launch and it was perfect for our group. We had 11 girls and there was room for more. They allowed us to bring our own booze, food and music (I recommend bringing a portable bluetooth speaker) and we just sailed around and partied for an hour and a half. It was such a great, easy and affordable activity!

In fact, prior to the bachelorette, I rented another boat through Endeavor Sailing, called The Endeavor, with a different group of friends as a test run. The boat was too small for our group of 11 but it was a beautiful option for smaller groups! The Endeavor was also a sailboat, which visually is more appealing than a Crosby Launch. 

Website: Shearwater Excursions | Address: Slip 1011 Straight Wharf, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.228.7037  

Website: Endeavor Sailing  | Address: Slip 1015 Straight Wharf, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.228.5585

Cisco Brewery Wine Tasting

The brewery is always a good time but I had never done a wine tasting! The wine tasting tables are tucked away next to the wine hut but hidden behind trees. It feels like a secret oasis and it is very casual! If you are looking for a high class wine tasting, this is not the place. However, if you are looking for a fun, easy going host who will mingle and hang like one of the crew, Michael is the best!! He told us the history of the winery and the history of each wine. And after you enjoy the wine tasting, the live music, food and fun of the brewery await you!

Website: Cisco Brewery | Address: 5 Bartlett Farm Road, Nantucket, MA | Phone: 508.325.5929

Cisco Bewery


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A Gazebo mudslide should never be missed, even if it means grabbing one on the way to the ferry!

A Gazebo mudslide should never be missed, even if it means grabbing one on the way to the ferry!


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