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Romping Around




Romping Around

Nikki Schuster

While most people are dreaming of cozy, cooler weather outfits, I am still praying Mother Nature forgets to Fall. That being said, while everyone else it out shopping the new Fall items, I am still perusing the summer sales; and what better way to transition my summer sets to Autumn attire than to LAYER pieces! ;) 

For summer, I've styled this Gentle Fawn Romper (From Ku De Tawith an Hermes enamel bracelet (SIMILAR, SIMILAR, SIMILAR) and a double strand, stone necklace from Ku De Ta. It is such an easy outfit to run around in and can be dressed up with heels or kept casual with flats. I love these Gladiator Flats as a stylish way to make any summer outfit pop!

I am a sucker for anything open-back but in order to wear that style, I've got to bring in reinforcements. Good thing I am the self-proclaimed queen of "boob tape" and "nipple petals"; I literally live in the reusable Silicone Cover-Ups from Hollywood. In fact, I wear them so often that I am known to go months without wearing a real bra. I used to be a fan of the No Show Concealers from Hollywood, which I still dabble in but they are not reusable so I blow through them pretty quickly. Both options are 100% discreet and do not show any marks underneath your clothing; even under silk tops/dresses!

This time, however, I actually tried out the Gentle Fawn Bralette, instead of boob tape. I bought mine at Ku De Ta and it is a braless babes dream! Bralettes are the best thing that have happened to me since training bras! They meet all my criteria: barely there, lace-y, sexy, comfortable and care free!

For those of you with a larger chest, that are afraid of bralettes and boob tape for fear of the fashion faux pas that might ensue, Hollywood also sells Secret Breast Lift Tape. If you have used it or you get the urge to try it after reading this, let me know how it works!! I have so many friends with big boobs, looking for the perfect solution to their open back beauties!! 

The Fashion Tape from Hollywood is also a lifesaver! It comes in a small tin case and it fits perfectly in any purse or clutch. I use the tape at work to make my low cut outfits appropriate; I use it to keep my baby boobies in my shirts; I even use it to temporarily tailor pants or shorten dresses/skirts. In fact, if you see me and Keegan at a wedding, we are most likely both held together with tape. He always forgets to tailor his pants and I always go braless.

To style this outfit for Fall, I add my beloved Perfext leather jacket (completely sold out, but see HERE for similar) and a chokeret voila! I am ready for cooler weather...or a least a little cooler. 

I am obsessed with the story behind this choker from I purchased mine at Ku De Ta in Chestnut Hill and they had four different styles each with their own meaning and empowering message behind them:

TURQUOISE: "For hundreds of years, turquoise has been believed to give the wearer strength and protection from harm and negative energy. wear this necklace not as a source of strength and protection, but as a reminder that you have the strength within you to protect yourself from whatever may try to deter your path to success"

PINK OPAL: "As a stone of peace, hope, and healing, pink opal has been valued as a good luck charm ever since the time of ancient Romans. Wear this necklace not as a source of peace, hope, or healing, but as a reminder that you can bring these virtues to the world and to yourself."  

BLUE AGATE: "Throughout history, many cultures have valued blue agate as a calming stone used to relieve feelings of anxiety and anger. Wear this necklace not as a source of tranquility, but as a reminder that you have the power within you to dissipate any anxiety or anger you may feel."

BLACK PYRITE: "For centuries, black pyrite has been believed to enhance a spirit of boldness and confidence in the wearer. Wear this necklace not as a source of boldness and confidence, but as a reminder that you have the power within you to be bold and confident in any situation." 

I absolutely love the message they offer because it is not about sitting idly by and allowing an object to provide you with the courage, strength, tranquility or luck necessary to be happy or successful. Instead, it encourages woman to find the courage, strength, tranquility or luck within themselves. Today, we are all looking for that quick fix, but what we should all strive for is the ability to provide ourselves with what we need. 

And as if Psyk. Design doesn't get any better, their slogan is "fuel yourself. fuel others." and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the organization Days for Girls, a non-for-profit that provides young girls around the world with the proper personal hygiene products to eliminate absenteeism in schools where young girls are forced to stay home when they get their period because they don't have access to the right products. 

So empower yourself, empower others, let your bra hang out, let your boobs roam free and hold onto summer and bright colors just a little longer!!