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Wedding Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland (Part 2)

Nikki Schuster

The other weekend we went to a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple in Ocean City, Maryland. If you are interested in making a trip to Ocean City, you must try the Crab Bag!

The Crab Bag

Saturday morning we woke up pretty sluggish from the night before - Seacrets got the best of us! We prioritized our day wisely: we started with coffee and bagels and then made our way to the Crab Bag - because what better to do for a hangover than eat it away!?

The Crab Bag is an indoor/outdoor restaurant with all you can eat blue crabs, the Maryland state crustacean. Each person we went with got the "Super Feast" with all you can eat hot steamed crabs, baby back ribs, Crab Bag's famous wings and steamed spiced shrimp. The "all-you-can-eat" part got the best of me. I also ordered the oysters because why not?

The oysters were not good...but the crab and shrimp were amazing! Keegan introduced me to the Maryland born "old bay seasoning" which I immediately fell in love with and poured over my endless bowl of shrimp. It was great in the moment but the next day I was so bloated from the sodium that couldn't get my rings off! So if you choose to dabble in the "Old Bay", dabble wisely!

The Wedding

The Outfit:

DRESS: Charley 5.0 - I bought this years ago on Shopbop but you can find similar HERE for only $87 or HERE 

SHOES: Gianvito Rossi clearly these shoes have been on repeat. They are the perfect buy because they are the perfect day-to-night shoe. Not only do they pair well with everything, they are extremely comfortable! I understand they run a bit pricey, but they will last you forever. If you are looking for similar but more affordable, click HERE for Manolo Blahniks on sale! or HERE for similar that are only $78! or HERE for similar that are only $96!

CLUTCH: Chanel - My nana gave my this clutch (I am lucky to have a nana with such great taste!) Click HERE for similar or HERE for an adorable Marni clutch on sale for only $198 or HERE for a Clare V. with a pop of color (I am loving Clare V.)

The Wedding:

The wedding was held outdoors at the Ocean Pines Yacht Club and Marina, overlooking the Isle of Wight Bay. The forecast called for rain all week, but they made it through the ceremony without a hitch. As soon as we got inside for the reception, the sky opened up and it began to torrential downpour. It all worked out perfectly and we had a blast! 

Wedding Weekend in Ocean City, Maryland (Part 1)

Nikki Schuster

Friday Night

Thinking about getting away for a few days but don't know where to go? Last weekend we went to Ocean City, Maryland for a friend's wedding and had a blast!  Having gone to University of Delaware, Keegan and a lot of our friends knew the area well. For me, it was an excuse to explore Ocean City for the first time!


DRESSForever 21

SHOESStuart Weitzman from years ago. See HERE for similar and HERE for denim wedges I love!

NECKLACEForever 21There are so many great statement necklaces at Forever 21 right now! It is the perfect place to get a trendy necklace, because the prices are so affordable! Check out HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for similar! Each one is under $20!!



Friday night we went to the Ropewalk to start the evening off with some drinks and appetizers. I had the award-winning Ropewalk Hickory Smoked Victory Wings and a Skinny Grapefruit Crush. The Crush, a Maryland tradition, got me all excited for skinny summer drink ideas (stay tuned for a blog post about those)! The original recipe is fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, triple sec (or sprite), crushed ice and pinnacle grapefruit vodka. Of course, I had to make things difficult and swap out the triple sec for soda water and the vodka for tequila (its a much better hangover). I loved it!

I wish we could have gone during the day because The Ropewalk boasts an expansive sand-covered, out-door area with corn hole and other activities. They also have seating on a porch overlooking the water and live music! Check out their website for more information - The Ropewalk Ocean City


After the Ropewalk, we took taxi's to Seacrets, a giant venue with several stages, bars and activities. Fair Warning: Seacrets can get pretty rowdy, so I don't recommend going unless you are dedicated to the debauchery that will ensue.

Seacrets could be your one-stop-shop for day and night drinking, or you can head over late night to finish off the evening. Either way, you have many options to choose from including the Beach Stage/Bar, the Pier Stage/Bar, the Tiki Stage/Bar or the Nite Club. Each location is just how you would imagine. The Beach is a sandy mess of live bands and shoe-less bars. The Pier is dedicated to all things water, with swim-up tables/chairs, lazy river floats and ankle deep dance parties. The Tiki Area is more of an indoor/outdoor spot with protection over your head for a rainy day or when you've endured too much sun. However, the ground is still sandy and the walls are all open. The Nite stage is a little bit of Miami Beach meets Atlantic City...enough said.  

All in all, I think Seacrets is a must-stop for the experience and the people watching - there is never a dull moment! See below for more links to the outfit I wore and a photo from the Tiki Stage at Seacrets!

Be on the lookout for my next blog post where I will talk about what we did the day of the wedding, the wedding itself and what I wore!