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Wedding Wednesday: At-Home Teeth Whitening




Wedding Wednesday: At-Home Teeth Whitening

Nikki Schuster


Now that the wedding is over, I am unsuccessfully attempting to settle back into reality. This includes getting back into blogging again. I took a hiatus so I could focus on work and the wedding, but now I am back and I have plenty of wedding tips to share! Consider this the first of many Wedding Wednesdays in which I hope to offer some personal thoughts and research to help anyone who is going through the wedding process themselves! (Giveaway included! Read through to the end of this post! )

Today's Wedding Wednesday topic is teeth whitening. Although it is often neglected next to skincare, nail-care and hair-care, I highly recommend adding teeth whitening to the long list of beautifying treatments, products and routines. Your wedding day is bound to be filled with ear-to-ear smiles and that last thing you want is a distracting yellow grin. 


If you're like me, coffee is an all day affair and red wine is a frequent nightly routine, which means I may always have a good buzz, but the teeth suffer. Which is why I was so excited when Smile Brilliant reached out to me!

Smile Brilliant is a customizable at-home whitening system. You can choose from 6 options which I have listed below (these are from the Smile Brilliant website):

I love the fact that there are multiple options, so you can customize your whitening system to your needs. It is also a much more affordable option than going to the dentist and far more effective than at-home strips. Once I received my kit, Smile Brilliant made it so easy. The box came with everything I needed: the DIY materials to create my personal teeth whitening molds, the return label so that I could easily send the molds in to be made, teeth whitening gel and desensitizing gel. All I had to do was follow the simple instructions, wait for my trays to be returned and whiten away!


With my crazy work hours, this made is so easy to whiten without taking off work or sacrificing precious work hours for a dentist appointment. You can leave the whitening gel on for 45 minutes to three hours, which means I can do work while I whiten! I love any chance I get to multi-task especially when all the other wedding activities were drowning my free time. 

My husband (or fiancé at the time) and I did it together! We did it in the morning while we got ready for work or at night as we finished up projects/responded to emails. Keegan has sensitive teeth so he used the desensitizing gel. The Smile Brilliant team also recommend coconut oil, so I used that as I always prefer the more natural remedies. This worked perfectly and I highly recommend it!

All in all, I would say this system is definitely the way to go if you are looking to whiten at home. I would say we both ended up improving our smiles and the end result was probably about a shade whiter.  We will definitely use Smile Brilliant to help maintain our healthy smiles and reduce the affects of our red wine and coffee habits.

Left: BEFORE; Right: AFTER

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